Lauksaimniecības un meža tehnika. Lauku Sēta 2017.

Welcome to the website of the exhibition grounds "Rāmava"!


You are kindly invited to participate in the 26th international exhibition "Agricultural and forestry equipment. Farmstead 2017", from October 5th til 7th. Exhibition is organized by A.M.L. Ltd in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia. "Agricultural and forestry equipment. Farmstead 2017" will be the 26th exhibition that has become the most recognized event in autumn season. 25th edition brought together 280 participants and 11’000 visitors.


There are a number of opportunities offered how you can increase visibility and recognition of your company and production among visitors during the exhibition:


  • Meet industry people, acquire contacts and discuss important topics.
  • Inform and show to clients the way your company and product can help them to grow.
  • Larger exhibition area increases efficiency – smaller cost per sq.m., up to 40% discount for colored advertising in catalogue and other benefits!
  • Contact us and decrease logistics costs by delivering large-scale exhibits in advance!
  • Visit and take part in seminars and discussions about hot topics and novelties of the industry!

Themes of the Exhibition:


During the exhibition exhibitors demonstrate tractors, tillage, harvesting techniques and crop storage facilities. Farmers are informed about the most appropriate technical, agrochemical and soil science solutions.



Forestry is important sector of economy of Latvia and also new and increasing part of the exhibition. Last year more than 20 exhibitors met their potential clients and offered variety of tools, equipment and machinery, as well as plant protection materials and consultations.


Utility equipment

Entrepreneurs, local authorities and farmers are constantly investing in environmental maintenance and adjustment of their premises and equipment to improve their work efficiency as well as energy efficiency.


Transport for work and leisure

Transport is increasingly important in our lives – not only it connects businesses, delivers goods and solves logistics solutions, but also ensures mobility across countries both for work and leisure. The choice of suitable transport and special machinery is important to reach the goal.


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